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CBC(Chugai Boyeki Co.,Ltd) is a conglomerate company based in japan with global network operations in 30 locations all over the world. We provide a broad range of products and services since 1925. Our business was started as a trading company providing chemicals, plastic and lifestyle products. We have extended our business to be a manufacturer of Optical lens, CCTV security products, Flexible Packaging,Pharmaceutical APIs and Automotive plastic parts. We are a hybrid manufacturing-trading company have been in Thailand for more than 45 years to bring new value into the market.
CCTV Security Chemical & Resin Food & Packaging Lifestyle Machinery Manufacturng
CBC is a leading CCTV manufacturer with the brand Computar/Ganz We offer a wide range of specialty chemicals and raw materials. We have a joint venture factory of flexible packaging in Thailand. We offer a variety products of lifestyel like household & shoes for eldery people. We offer innovative machinery and equipments . CBC has factories producing automotive parts, mold- making & rapid prototyping.
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